Best Turntables for Sonos: Top 5 Record Players 2020

For a turntable to perform with Sonos, it is essential to equip a built-in preamp. It allows you to connect your turntable to the speakers directly. You have to remember that most Sonos models use Wifi instead of Bluetooth. Therefore, you need to choose a turntable with wifi. To help you easily select the best turntables for Sonos, we will introduce you to Sonos’s top five products on the market today.


Top Five Best Turntables for Sonos Reviews

U-Turn Audio-Orbit Special

This turntable allows you to make a great sound. It comes with a rift walnut or hardwood maple base. Moreover, it has a hardwood maple, improved acoustics, as well as an acrylic platter. It is also as stylish as its function.

With this turntable, you can get an easy tonearm operation. There is an external two-speed belt drive. It helps to decrease motor noise. Also, this feature can ensure speed consistency. It is necessary for Sonos compatibility, thanks to a built-in Pluto Phono Preamp.


  • Custom options for color
  • Amazing sound & quality
  • Plenty of upgrades available


  • Some people complain about manual speed adjustment mat


Rega Planar 1 Plus

This model is famous for its exceptional design, as well as its sound quality. When it comes to the best turntables for Sonos, we cannot ignore it. This one has a new built-in stage. You can connect it to almost any audio system.

Moreover, it is equipped with a 24v AC motor, a Rega Carbon moving magnet, and a Rega Carbon moving magnet. It is sure to provide you with better speed stability. Additionally, you will also get low noise. It is available in two colors: gloss white and gloss black.


  • Unique and expressive
  • Super clean sound
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some customers complain about the price

Pro-Ject Debut RecordMaster

If you are finding an affordable turntable for Sonos, you can consider the Pro-Ject Debut RecordMaster. It promises to give you the best analog experience. Also, it comes with a walnut base with USB connectivity. Moreover, there is a built-in preamp.

This model comes with button-control speed change and a large steel platter. You can connect this turntable to an amplifier via RCA. Plus, it is easy to use. It is an excellent consideration for people who expect to enjoy a pleasant sound.


  • Well built
  • An excellent weight for speed consistency
  • Modern, minimal design
  • A built-in preamp
  • Affordable price



  • May not suitable for vinyl beginners


Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Automatic Turntable

This turntable is affordable. It comes with a direct drive high torque motor. Moreover, you can also use a USB output port to connect it directly to the computer or PC. The model also features professional anti-resonance to reduce internal vibration.

It offers you multiple connectivity options, thanks to a USB device. Besides, it also provides additional features. It has a built-in pre-amplifier.


  • Integrated phono stage
  • aptX Bluetooth streaming
  • Has the audio basics right
  • Perfect for solos uses the high fidelity audio for vinyl.


  • Feels insubstantial


Sonos Move – Battery Powered Turntable

Another turntable you can choose for Sonos is the Sonos Move-Battery Powered Turntable. It is also an affordable model. Also, this model will allow you to get an excellent listening experience while you are moving.

It features excellent Bluetooth connectivity. This turntable has all the features you need. Therefore, you can take it from room to room. Besides, the product comes with a carry handle, Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi extender, drop-proof design, IP56 weatherproof rating, and long-lasting battery.


  • Durable design
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Auto Truplay
  • Voice control capability
  • Quick recharge


  • Can’t use Sonos app over Bluetooth
  • Can’t see battery percentage if you don’t connect it to WiFi

Things to consider when choosing the best turntables for sonos

Built-in preamp

There is a wide range of models out there. Some come with built-in preamps, while some do not have. However, we will focus on ones with a built-in preamp. You should choose ones equipped with a preamp included since they do not require you to purchase a separate preamp. It means you will get a cleaner setup with fewer cables and fewer boxes.


You should look for ones with an elegant and modern design to match Sonos products’ design language. You can choose turntables with modern designs instead of the DJ or vintage-style models.

The Sound

You need to choose a model with good sound, while it is still affordable. It is not essential to connect a $2000 high-end turntable to Sonos. However, we still want to get ones with great sound. Therefore, we can miss out on the most basic models.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I play Vinyl records on a turntable for Sonos?

We can use a turntable for more than a century in different parts of the world. We can use it to play all sorts of vinyl records.

  1. Can I leave a vinyl record in a turntable for Sonos?

The best turntable for Sonos can deal with safely a record inside it. However, we should avoid it since this case can cause scratches or complete rupture on the record.

  1. Can you connect Bluetooth turntable to Sonos?

Few systems allow you to integrate existing turntables into as seamlessly as Sonos. Nowadays, there are some models equipped with Bluetooth wireless built-in. Therefore, you can connect them to powered speakers with a Bluetooth connection.


In this writing, we have introduced five excellent audiophile-grade turntables for Sonos. They promise to give you a smoothening melodious experience. All the models mentioned above have both advantages and disadvantages. We hope this writing is helpful for you. If there is still any questions, please let us know so that we can help you!

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